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Welcome to the official Peter Stone model horse reference website!

We are constantly adding more pictures and lots of detailed information, but please feel free to start searching through our database.  To start - simply click on the Search  page option at the top of this page.  You will then be able to see what we currently have in our database.  If a picture does not come up, chances are we just don't have that picture at this time.  If you would like to send me a picture or add a description to any of these models, just email me at mailto:barb@stonehorseref.com

Please note - all prices associated with models are fair market values at the time I was researching that particular model.  These values are a combination of individual sales lists, dealer sites, and auction sites.  Please do not hold me responsible if your model does not sell at the price I put on this website - I can only report on the research I've done.  Keep in mind that values of models seem to be lower in this present day economy than they have been in the past. 

Image Policy: If you submit a photo to this site, please be aware that at times permission will be granted to individuals who want to use site photos for their own purposes (Ebay auctions, etc.) It is the policy of StoneHorseRef.com to allow others to use these pictures with permission only, but if you would like acknowledgement for your photo, we would urge you to add copyright text to the photo before submission.

Thank you,

Barb Spohr
Owner, www.stonehorseref.com

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