Title Sort descending Color Mold Year
Wicked Lovely Grey - Dapple Grey American Saddlebred 2012
Wicked Rowena Paint/Pinto - Bays/Browns Morgan - Santa Fe Mold 2016
Wicken Grey - Dapple Grey Arabian - Original Mold 2012
Wickham Paint/Pinto - Chestnuts Ideal Stock Horse 2012
Wicklow Winds Buckskin (Dunskins are in Duns) Ideal Stock Horse 2013
Wicklow Winter's Decorator - Greens Chips Drafter 2014
Wicklow Woods Decorator - Woodgrains Ideal Stock Horse 2014
Wideman Appaloosa - Bays/Browns Ideal Stock Horse 2012
Wieber Buckskin (Dunskins are in Duns) Arabian - Original Mold 2012
Wiki Works American Cream/Blond Drafter Trotting Drafter 2016
Wiklow Paint/Pinto - Chestnuts Ideal Stock Horse 2015
Wilbur Appaloosa - Bays/Browns Foundation Quarter Horse 2011
Wilbur - Custom Version Roans Thoroughbred 2005
Wilbur - Non Custom Version Roans Thoroughbred 2005
Wilcox Grey - Rose/Dapple Rose (Going Greys) Ideal Stock Horse 2013
Wild About Saffron Palomino American Saddlebred 2014
Wild Boy Bays and Browns Ideal Stock Horse 2014
Wild Fire Paint/Pinto - Chestnuts Pony 2008
Wild Ginger Buckskin (Dunskins are in Duns) Weanling 2002
Wild Horse of the West Roans Performance Horse 2009