Title Sort descending Color Mold Year
Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner Buckskin (Dunskins are in Duns) Chips Cutting QH 2015
Wiley Roans Morgan - Santa Fe Mold 2014
Wilfrid Roans Tennessee Walking Horse 2012
Wilhelm Paint/Pinto - Bays/Browns Chips Drafter 2011
Wilhelmina Palomino Ideal Stock Horse 2013
Wilk Appaloosa - Chestnuts Standing Drafter 2012
Will Be Loved Paint/Pinto - Greys Trotting Drafter 2016
Will I Am Grey - Rose/Dapple Rose (Going Greys) Arabian - Original Mold 2012
Will Rogers Folly Bays and Browns American Saddlebred 2013
Willamette Chestnuts/Sorrels Ideal Stock Horse 2012
Willard Duns, Dunskins and Grullas Weanling 2011
Willem Grey - Dapple Grey Standing Drafter 2009
Willem Chestnuts/Sorrels Ideal Stock Horse 2006
Willful Child Bays and Browns Arabian Yearling 2016
William Paint/Pinto - Chestnuts Arabian - Original Mold 2010
William Bradford Palomino - Chocolate Ideal Stock Horse 2010
Williams Appaloosa - Blacks Ideal Stock Horse 2012
Williams aka Black Cherry Paint/Pinto - Roans Ideal Stock Horse 2011
Willie Paint/Pinto - Chestnuts Standing Drafter 2011
Willoughby Grey - Dapple Grey Morgan - Santa Fe Mold 2013