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Please consider making a donation of $10-$20 to help fund the ongoing maintenance and data hosting needed to keep this website active.  As you can imagine, the cost of upgrading this website, along with the numerous hours of research and data entry, can be overwhelming.  I feel very privileged to have been able to provide such a comprehensive website to the hobby since 2001!  

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2019:  I will no longer be adding 'Owned By' information to model horse records.  The upkeep on just this one feature is quite overwhelming!  With the amount of models that change hands, I just cannot keep up.  I even struggle with updating records of my own models I sell!  :-)

Tips on Searching:

The Artist table contains a list of known painters who have hand painted models at the Stone factory.  This list is evolving, but if you see a painter who is missing, please let me know.   This field also contains which Artist may have designed a model, but not necessarily painted it.  I feel it's important to give credit in both areas.  

The Customizer table contains a list of known customizers at the Stone factory.   I realize that sometimes a customizer might only create a prototype for a run, but does not customize the entire run.   I will try to include this information about a model, if it is known.   Otherwise, this field will mostly apply to those models where one customizer has done all the work.  

The Series and Programs table contains information based on the many series and programs from the Stone Company over the years.  For example, you can choose the option 'Design A Horse' from the drop down box to see many of the Design A Horse models produced.  

The Model Horse Shows field contains many shows where types of models like judges models, and trophy models were provided.  I have included many shows; however some of the smaller, or one-off shows can be found in Misc Shows.  Click on 'Equilocity' to see many of the models released for the yearly Equilocity horse show.   

The Type of Run table helps to narrow down a search.  For example, to see a list of  Judges models produced, just click 'Judges Model' in the drop down box and press Search.  Or maybe you are looking for information on just the original sculptures.  

This website is ever evolving, and information is being tweaked constantly.  If you see something that needs to be added or modified, please contact me.  Thank you very much!

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