Paint/Pinto - Dun/Dunskin/Grulla


GRATITUDE-OOAK STAR DAPPLE PAINT DUN ISH BY JULIE KEIM.  Best Offer.  OOAK ISH, Dapple Dun, Etched Badger Face and Extreme High white socks, Straightened Head and Neck, Carved nostrils and nose wrinkles, Custom mane and forelock, Custom tail, Hoof Stripes, Painted and Signed by Julie Keim, Customized Mona.  Handcrafted In Shipshewana, Indiana USA.


BABY-LE-10 GRULLA WEANLING MODEL HORSE BY JULIE KEIM WHS19.  LE-10 Weanling, Grulla, Custom Mane, Forelock and Tail, WHS19, Painted by Julie Keim.  Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, Indiana.


TRICK - OOAK RED DUN PAINT ISH MODEL HORSE BY AUDREY DIXON MM 19.  OOAK ISH, Custom Mane, Tail, and Forelock, Red Dun Pinto, Etched, Painted and Signed by Audrey Dixon, MM19.  Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, Indiana.