White (Pink Skinned)

Ghost Mist

GHOST MIST-LE-4 PEARLY WHITE CUTTER CALF FOR MOONLIGHT MADNESS.  LE-4, Chips Pearly White Cutter Calf.  Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN.


ABBAN - LE-5 DAPPLE WHITE ARABIAN UNICORN EQ 2016 7/27, Limited Edition-5, Equilocity 2016, Carved Nose, Ears and Jaw, Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN.

Super Moon

SUPER MOON - OOAK DAPPLE WHITE ISH BY ALLEN KATT 11/14/2016, Blue Eyes, Custom Long Mane, Carved Ears, Nose and Jaw, Nose Wrinkles, Custom Tail, Glossed, Painted and Signed By Allen Katt, Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN.


This is a true wonder. This OOAK Pony has been customized as a unicorn with cascades of mane, chin whiskers, leg feathers, even cloven hooves. This classic mythic creature has pink shading and beautiful blue eyes. Done in a matte finish.


This OOAK Weanling is customized as a unicorn with a customized mane, remade swishing tail, and plenty of extra details. Painted white with light shading, this little beauty is available in buyers choice of matte or glossy finish.

Sir Galahad

This is a run of 50 custom Morgan Chips. He is a pearlescent white Morgan with a turned and tucked head and a custom tail. These were available in glossy finish only. He is the fifth horse in the Knights of the Round Table series.

Mini Me Arctic Fox

Originally done on the traditional Thoroughbred mold as a Special Run for Crysta Lance, this is the mini version on a Stone Chip Thoroughbred. Minime Arctic Fox is a beautiful white Thoroughbred. This is a run of 200 pieces of which 50 glossy were released on the Stone eBay Store Sept 2007. Unknown at this time if only 50 glossy will be made.

There is also a version or variation with a swished tail. Unknown if that is a OOAK or how many were made.

Patchen Beauty - Glossy

Patchen Beauty - She was offered with permission from her owners Patchen Wilkes Farm.She is a gorgeous retired racing TB mare who has only produced white foals.She was offered with a copy of her pedigree and photo postcard with a brief history.
Limited to the following (all horses were hand numbered):
10 Flat Matte Mares
15 Pearl Matte Mares
25 Glossy Mares