Appaloosa - Dun/Grulla

Navajo Sunrise

This Peter Stone Pebbles Warmblood is painted in a red dun color, with a blanket appaloosa pattern. He has a swishing customized tail. This run of 50 pieces is done in matte finish.


This One-of-A-Kind ISH was painted and signed by Sheryl Leisure, in the color and pattern of her Royal Lancer Warmblood Artisan Hall edition. This ISH has a customized tail, and a glossy finish to go with his Lilac Dun Blanket Appaloosa pattern. Owned by Alex Wolf.


The Ehorse Series was a program where each month the Stone Company would send out a special 'email' offer. Orders were taken 15 days before the featured month, and ended on the 15th of the month. Only the amount ordered was produced.

Lilac is a lilac dun appaloosa stock horse. Made to compliment the April Ehorse, Willow. Customized as a mare with udders in matte finish only. Available May 2006.

Dancin' Dino

One-of-a-kind Matte finish Peter Stone factory custom Blanket Appy with expressive eyes and great attitude!Customized features include a twitched ear, carved ears and face, turned head, flipped and carved mane, and a new tail.Painting details include leg bars, dapples and striped hooves.Owned by Mindy Binkley.