American Cream/Blond Drafter


HOWSER - OOAK BLONDE STANDING DRAFTER 12/10, Custom Mane and Forelock, Carved Nose, Ears and Jaw, Hoof Stripes, Custom Tail, Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN. 


BOMBSHELL - OOAK Blonde Standing Drafter - 11/15, Carved Jaw and Nose Wrinkles, Hoof Stripes, Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN.  


You Call It model designed and owned by Kristin Arendt. Oski has a tucked head, custom ribbons, carved feathers. Customized by Jackie Turner and painted by Carrie Keller.

Independence Day

The Ehorse Series was a program where each month the Stone Company would send out a special 'email' offer. Orders were taken 15 days before the featured month, and ended on the 15th of the month. Only the amount ordered was produced.

Independence Day was a creme colored Standing Drafter with red, white, and blue ribbons and bobs. Available July 2006.


OVERDRAFT-BLONDE DRAFTER CHIPS-OOAK- 9/23, Draft, Blonde, Turned Head, Custom Tail, Chestnuts, OOAK, Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN.

Josh - Prototype

The Signature Series was a program where an artist would design a model, and then the Stone Co employees painted them. Each model had a stylized sticker of the artists' signature, and came with a Certificate of Ownership.

This is a prototype model for the Josh drafters. Since this run was designed by Ed Gonzales, I'm assuming he painted this one. Signed by Peter Stone, and says 'Test 12/00 JOSH'.