Paint/Pinto - Misc

Golda Test

Test for the run of 100 Weanlings. Painted in a Gold Champagne Paint pattern, she has an elaborate pattern with a pink nose and one sock.  Made with a glossy finish.


ZORTEA - OOAK BLUE TAFFY PINTO TROTTING DRAFTER 3/17, Green Bobs, Carved Ears, Nose, Green Tail Ribbon, Hand Painted in Shipshewana USA.


TEMPEST-BLUE TAFFY PAINT ANDALUSIAN CHIP-LE-5 10/17, Andalusian, Blue Taffy, Paint, LE-5, The Little Horse Show Release, Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN.

Spartan Prototype

This One of a Kind Trotting Drafter is painted a blue taffy/black silver sabino color, with a windswept mane, heavily customized blowing tail, and lovely pinked nose. This is the ONLY one that was glossed.


This is a run of 50 customized Old Mold Arabians, this model is named for one of the famous ghost towns of Texas. This limited edition features a completely replaced customized swishing tail, and a straightened head as well as a Bay Sabino paint pattern, and has carved ears and nostrils. Available in matte and glossy finish.